5 Common Summer Plumbing Problems

  • Clogged Garbage Disposable – If you are planning on having a few BBQs this summer, think carefully about how you dispose of your food. If you are getting rid of hard fruits and vegetables be mindful as they can make your blades blunt effecting, which could cause stubborn clogs. Avoid pouring grease or cooking oils down your sink and it is also a good idea to run cold water down your disposable before and after use to ensure there are no food scraps trapped in the drain.
  • Washing Machine Maintenance – Your washing machine may get a bit more use during the summer period. Spending those summer days at the beach or the pool can result in more laundry and additional stress to your washing machine. It is recommended that you stay at home while your machine is running. Pull it out from the wall slightly to prevent the hose from kinking and if there any issues during your cycle call a professional if needed.
  • Clogged Toilets – Toilets are also used more often during the summer, as the kids are off school and home more than usual. Try to only flush the toilet after it is actually used. Most common clogs can be easily cleared with the use of a plunger, but if you need a little extra help call a expert!
  • Sprinkler Issues – If you have sprinklers built into your lawn, be sure to clean and inspect the heads before the summer season begins and you start to use them again. It is also recommended to check all your outdoor faucets.
  • Hot Water Cylinder – Make sure your cylinder is set at 60 degrees if a tempering valve is installed. The results may not make too much difference, but this can help save money and energy. Especially if you are going on holiday. It is also recommended you check the age of your cylinder. If it is over ten years old you should consider replacing it.

How do you clear a blocked drain?

At Laser Plumbing Dunedin Central, we use our high powered drainage machine to clear out any blockages. We then use our CCTV drainage camera to ensure the blockage is cleared and to find the source. Once we have insured the pipe is clear we can provide a solution to ensure the blockage does not occur again.

What causes a blocked drain?

A blockage in your drains can be caused by many things, tree roots are very common as well as grease and fat build up. Blockages can also often occur due to excess hair or toiletries backed up in your drains.

How to know when your gas appliances need servicing?

  • Your gas appliance is not working properly
  • Your appliance is burning with a lazy yellow flame instead of a crisp blue flame
  • You can see black marks or stains on or around your gas appliances
  • The pilot light keeps going out
  • There is increased condensation in the room

What are some signs of a broken or cracked sewer line?

  • A foul odor could become apparent. This is a sign strongly indicating that the sewage from your home is not reaching the council sewer line, which is usually located on the road.
  • You could hear a bubbling noise when flushing your toilet and/or when using your sink; in this instance you most likely have a blockage and the air is having trouble when trying to escape your sewage system.
  • Your Sewage has started to backup into your home caused by an obstruction in-between your house trap and the council sewer.

What causes a leaking tap?

Usually 1 of 3 things can cause your tap to leak: the washer, the jumper valve or the o-ring, it’s usually best to replace all three while the tap is disassembled. The washer could be a ceramic disc, rubber or a cartridge. All can wear and tear over time and may likely need to be replaced. All replacement parts come in standard sizes so bring your worn part in to Laser Plumbing and we can help you find a replacement.

Some single lever mixer taps have a ceramic disc or a cartridge that can be specific to your taps manufacturer and may need to be ordered in specially.

How often should I change my water filter?

The recommended filter change cycle varies depending on the filter brand. Most home filtration systems usually have an established service cycle.

These service cycles may be for a specific number of liters or an estimate on the number of months the carteridge should last in a typical family home. To make sure that the filter will continue to reduce contaminants, replace it according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

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